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Paper & Cloth Belts

Made in various grits &A�dimensions. Suitable for woodA�working and linishing (avoidsA�static) or using on metalA�materials.

Paper & Cloth Sheets

Offered in various gritsA�and some with waterproofA�additives. Ideal for paints,A�fillers & varnishes. Popular inA�automotive and boat repair.

Paper & Cloth Rolls

Available in various gritsA�and widths, they have openA�coatings for high stockA�removal capacity. Unwind &A�cut to the size required.

Cutting Discs

Effective products offer cleanA�cuts in the minimum of time.A�Great for chamfering, blendingA�or straight forward cutting ofA�hard materials such as concrete.

Fibre Discs

Good all round performance. DifferentA�grades and grits reduceA�potential heat excess. UseA�for abrading rust, blemishesA�or welds.

Flap Discs

Alternative to Fibre discs, theseA�come in conical or flat versions.A�You get smoother cuts plus longerA�life. Use with rotary angle grindersA�for stock removal and finishing onA�mild & stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Hand Pads

Flexible, aggressive, economicalA�and highly conformable, theA�alternative to wire wool. BenefitA�from improved finishes. Easy to useA�on intricate shapes (flat or round).A�Available in centre pull dispenserA�packs too

Cleaning/Finishing Rolls

Cuts into the lengths youA�need. Use by hand or withA�the 3M orbital sander. IdealA�for brushed stainless steelA�& aluminium. RemovesA�blemishes and preparesA�painted surfaces for repainting orA�cleaning. Suitable for wood, plastics andA�composites.

Cleaning/Stripping Discs

The real alternative to theA�wire brush. Its web structureA�ensures fresh minerals are fedA�to the abrading surface. NoA�undercut or interference withA�substratea��s structure. Benefit fromA�uniform and cleaner surfaces.

Conditioning Belts

Saves production time. The belta��s designA�means a fresh cutting surface isA�exposed continuously. AchieveA�longer working by eliminatingA�time spent in belt changes.A�Benefit from reduced rework and improved highA�precision finishes. Ideal for use with file belt machinery.

Conditioning Belts/Brushes

3-dimensional Scotch-BriteA�Brushes are part of theA�a�?RolocTM quick lock & releasea��A�system. The flexible flaps areA�pliable and help gain a uniformA�surface with a satin finish onA�metal or wood. Suitable for removingA�rust, small welds & cleaning.

Deburring Wheels

Contains silicon carbide allowingA�consistent finishes withoutA�undercuts, gouges or distortions.A�Used in conjunction with benchA�motors, its ideal for working onA�tungstens, die-casts, rods, gearA�wheels, blades and seams.

Abrasive Conversions & Manufacture

We have access to one of theA�most complete ranges of abrasivesA�in Europe, for example Saint Gobain (Norton),A�3M and Klingspor allow us toA�produce high quality abrasiveA�belts with sizes ranging fromA�6mm to 400mm width in anyA�desired grit or length. This newA�conversion service offers theA�benefits of competitive prices,A�quick lead times and smallerA�minimum order quantities.

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