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3M packaging Tapes

Tartana�? Box Sealing Tape 369 is a general purpose packaging tape used for noncriticalA�box sealing applications. This product has a conformable backing and aA�pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive system. This construction provides a goodA�closure for lightweight boxes exposed to minimal distribution hazards.

Bubble Wrap

Flexible, tear resistant, plasticA�packaging film with bubbles of airA�sandwiched between the innerA�and outer sides. The air bubblesA�provide good short termA�protection against impact, shock,A�vibration, thermal differences, andA�water damage.

Bubble film is also available with anA�antistatic additive to minimise theA�possibility of damage to sensitiveA�electronic components. The resultingA�film is colour coded pink to distinguishA�from standard bubble.

A foam of tiny air bubblesA�encapsulated in polyethyleneA�plastic. The material has aA�very soft non-abrasive finishA�and leaves no marks on mostA�surfaces. Has good long termA�protection properties dueA�to the foam being ofA�closed cell construction.

Air Filled Cushion Bags

Plastic pouches that are stored flat and inflated via aA�one-way valve when required. Used as a cushioningA�and protective gap filler the product is easy andA�cheap to store and produces minimal quantities andA�weights of packaging waste. One roll of air cushionA�bags can produce 4.8 cubic metres of void fillA�equivalent to 5 rolls of bubble film cheapviagraandcialis. and 10 sacks ofA�loose fill chips.

Loose Fill Polystyrene Chips

Free flowing loose fill chipsA�manufactured entirely fromA�environmentally friendly recycledA�polystyrene. Ideal for protectingA�boxed goods. Extremely light toA�minimise transport costs.

Corrugated Paper Rolls and Sheets

Low cost and efficientA�wrapping whereA�flexibility is not required.A�Useful as interleaving inA�cases. Made fromA�recycled paper.

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