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Double sided tape

General Purpose Tapes

General Purpose double coated tapes can be usedA�for any non critical applications, such as folderA�assembly, sample swatches, picture mounting, toA�name a few where high performance is not required.

  • Economical
  • Available in a wide range of standard and non-standardA�widths
  • Filmic and tissue carriers as well as adhesive transferA�tapes
  • Can be used with semi-automatic machines to speed upA�productivity where high production volumes areA�involved.

Fingerlift Tapes

Fingerlift tapes are available with either an acrylic adhesive forA�performance, or a rubber adhesive for economy. This systemA�allows easy removal of the liner to speed up production.

  • Wide range of widths available

  • Permanent or removable adhesive

  • Short or long length rolls availableA�from 50m a�� 500/1000m

  • Transfer adhesive, filmic orA�tissue tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tape is pressure sensitive adhesiveA�on a release liner. When pressed adhesive side downA�to the back of a surface, the adhesive gripsA�immediately.The liner protects the adhesive untilA�ready for use. Adhesive Transfer Tape can be appliedA�manually or if reverse wound in the ATG Systems.

Scotcha�? ATG Bonding System offers a quick, easy,A�precise alternative to the usual methods for:

  • Lightweight Joining
  • Trim Bonding
  • Component Fixing
  • Temporary Holding
  • Product Assembly
  • Positioning

Double Coated Foam Tapes

Double Coated Foam Tapes are available in different types of foam,A�such as EPDM, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, PVC or Neoprene. They areA�available with either acrylic or rubber adhesive, and in a variety ofA�colours and a large choice of thicknesses to suit a multitude ofA�applications.

  • Ideal for gap filling and bondingA�irregular surfaces
  • Good for sound and vibrationA�damping
  • Available in low, medium and highA�density
  • Forms dust and water seal
  • Available with filmic liner whereA�tearability is an issue.

High Performance Tapes

These high performance products combine a veryA�high level of adhesive peel & shear performance.A�Well suited to bond a wide variety of materials suchA�as wood, metals, glass, powder coated finishes,A�paints and many plastics and fabrics.

  • Available with three different carriers, PVC, forA�bonding textured materials, Polyester for clearA�higher temperature bonds and tissue for easyA�tearabilty offering different benefits dependentA�upon your application.
  • Good on both high and low energy substrates.
  • Excellent initial tack
  • Good integrity bond achieved soon after application.
  • Plasticiser resistant
  • Good environmental and UV resistance.

VHB Tapes

VHBA�(Very High Bond) represents over 30 years of product success andA�is the global leader for successful solutions in the construction, metalA�fabrication and sign-making industries. Now the next generation ofA�VHBa�?A�has arrived from 3M!

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