Aerosol adhesives are ideal for many markets including print studios and metal engineering environments. The high strength sprays come as permanent and repositionable, for mounting photographs, maps or drawings.

Spray 74 (fabric & foam bonding adhesive)
– fast tack with foam tearing strength
– non-misting, precise spray control and adjustable spray pattern
– ideal in the furniture industry

Spray 75 (repositionable adhesive)
– allows material to be repositioned or temporarily fixed without adhesive transfer
– adhesives in seconds with smooth glue line

Spray 76 (long bonding range adhesive)
– offers strong one-surface bond
– non-misting, precise spray control
– high temperature resistance

Spray 77 (multi-purpose adhesive)
– fast aggressive tack that securely bonds lightweight materials
– suitable for use on expanded polystyrene foam without meltdown

Spray 80 (neoprene contact adhesive)
– suitable for most types of rubber, vinyl and leather substrates
– high temperature resistance
– fast bonding and drying time
– superb plasticiser migration resistance characteristics

Spray 90 (high strength adhesive)
– high speed and bonding strength
– one-minute drying time
– good temperature resistance
– non-misting and adjustable spray pattern

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