FAST - Flexible Air Sealing Tapes

3M FAST Flexible Air Sealing Tapes are air, moisture and water impermeable tapes, ranging in both single and double sided. The 3M Flexible Air Sealing Tapes have all been coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive originally designed for flashing tape in the construction industry. 
3m fast tapes
3M FAST waterproof flashing tapes are used for sealing around openings and joints due to their aggressive high tack acrylic and waterproofing abilities. Including creating an airtight waterproof seal. Bonds to virtually all substrates whilst remaining 60% faster than sealing with conventional methods.

Fast Tapes can be installed in temperatures as low as -20° and as warm as 50°C. A single piece of 3M Fast Tape can be applied to fit around window frames and piping. The 3M tapes have also been tested for primerless applications.

FAST Tapes:

3M FAST-F 8067E: the original flashing one.

8067E is designed for sealing around joints and openings. FAST-F has a unique acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive that aggressively sticks and remains bonded at lower or higher temperatures. For openings and joints, penetrations in exterior walls and for low or higher temperature applications.

3M FAST-G 8068E: the grid reinforced one.

Fast-G is a self-wound tape, with FAST-M has a polycoated kraft paper release liner. For seaming air of interior vapour membranes, taping gaps and penetrations to stop free air flow.

3M FAST UC 8045: the stretchy one.

8045P is designed for sealing around openings and joints quickly, with limited downtime. Stretches up to 300% of its size, easily stretches to fit sills, curves and corners and fits 90° angles easily.

3M FAST-D 8069E: the double sided one.

8069E is the only double sided 3M FAST tape and has an aggressive high-tack adhesive on both sides. For lightweight panel attachments and splicing applications, seals around nails and staples to prevent moisture intrusion.

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